I was a new seed planted in old soil

Oh, the challenges that awaited me

I knew not the long hours I would toil

For a dream that was not meant to be

The sun was harsh, no rain came down

I became a dry sprout on rocky ground

I cried out to you to intervene

But my prideful heart had not come clean

Out of your mercy you heard my cries

With love my dry soil you fertilized

You brought out the SONshine that filled my soul

You gave me nutrients that would make me whole

My stems grew stronger day by day

As I plunged in your word and started to pray

I’m no longer a seed nor am I a flower in bloom

I’m still a bud with a lot of growth room

The soil around me can still get hard and dry

But I now look to the one who gave me new life

I know when I see him face to face

I’ll be a beautiful flower in a heavenly place.


“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his spendor.” Isaiah 61:3