It’s Christmas morning and the mounds of presents sit under the tree waiting for the family to open them.  Finally, the dawn breaks and the first signs of life appear as the family members awaken from the night’s rest and leave their cozy beds.

The much anticipated time to rip off the wrappings of the presents purchased for each person has arrived. But the family members head towards the kitchen for that first cup of coffee and some breakfast. Once the caffeine has kicked in, they slowly make their way to the room with the beautifully decorated tree. Then the strangest thing happens. Instead of passing out the gifts to loved ones, they turn on the ever glaring television and then check their phones for messages, tweets and posts.  They might grunt a word or two to a family member, but it’s not one that speaks of the joy of the day.  All the while the presents sit and wait to be noticed.

They wait and wait and wait.

If these gifts could talk, they would say something like-

“Are these people crazy?”

“Why aren’t they opening us?”

“What’s on that phone or tv that could possibly be better than us?”

“If only they knew what we have in here for them!”

But these family members are confused, distracted and numb. Much like those who call themselves Christians because they believe Jesus died for them just to give them a ticket into heaven one day and foolishly think this is all there is to life as a believer.  But Jesus didn’t die so that we could grab our “get out of hell ticket” and then spit in his face the rest of our lives on this earth.  But that’s precisely what we do when we tell Jesus, “I’ve got this” and we don’t open the other awesome gifts he has for us.

Gifts like His word and time with him pouring out our hearts desires and how we need him. Gifts of forgiveness when we mess up for the millionth time. Gifts of joy and peace no matter our circumstances. Gifts that satisfy like no earthly treasure can.

Gifts under the tree are special, but God’s gifts are far more superior and better than anything we could ever ask for or imagine.

Put down the phone, turn off the tv and open the awesome gifts from the one who truly knows what you need.


One thought on “True Gifts

  1. I was waiting for another writing. Yesterday I told myself it has been awhile since you blogged.

    Beautiful words that tenderize the heart and still the laden soul. The last paragraph says it all. Thank you so much

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