Christmas lights can be infuriating at times. Just ask anyone who has wrapped numerous strands around a tree only to discover once plugged in that the one strand in the middle doesn’t work! I totally get why Clark Griswold in the movie “Christmas Vacation” went crazy when he was decorating his house. My husband has retired from that job now that we are empty nesters. We just don’t decorate the outside so much anymore.

The inside of the house is a different story. It’s still lit up, most of the time. I have a particular decoration that has played games with me since I first plugged it in. The first several days the lights on a small, delicate tree next to the manger scene shone brightly, but then the bulbs went to sleep and refused to shine for days! So my husband checked all the bulbs and found the culprit, so we thought. It decided (as if it has a mind of it’s own!) to glimmer once more. After about a week of working properly, I awoke to find it’s nap time had materialized once again. I realize it’s probably the wiring of this fragile decoration made in China (first problem), but God showed me something profound this morning while sitting across the room from this scene.

As I stared at the table I heard his voice in my spirit saying, “The two miniature trees that surround the scene of our Lord’s humble birth are like our divided nation in this horrific year of 2020.” The United States was founded on the truths found in God’s word and for centuries we were the light on the hill that shone brightly for all of the rest of the world. But as the Casting Crowns song reminds us, the sins many accept as normal today are a result of the “slow fade” away from the light that is Jesus. We have become the Divided Nation of America.

Both symbolic trees are connected to the same source of power, but it’s interesting that the decoration that burned out is on the left of my table. This reminds me that although all people are invited to share in the abundant life that Jesus died to give mankind, the liberal left in our nation have slowly faded into the darkness and will stop at nothing to extinguish the light that is still shining on the right.  

We who are in Christ Jesus must not give in to those who are of this world who live like the unconstrained toddler who says, “I can do it all by myself!” and believe that God should just stay out of their lives. We must pray that they too will hear God’s call and come to him. We must not look to any human, man or woman, to save us, only to Jesus Christ, the Son of God; for he is the only one who can save. We also must believe that God is on the throne and is in control and his plan is for our ultimate good. If we think that just because the “left” has placed a man of questionable character in the White House that all hope is lost, then we have abandoned the only true hope that is in Jesus. 

Yes, stand up for what’s right, but do it in the name of the only one who can save, the one who is the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. His name is Jesus! Emmanuel! Never forget what his name means, Savior and God with us. 

Merry Christmas!

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