If you have visited any beach of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, or the Mediterranean Sea, no doubt you’ve seen or heard about the protection of the Loggerhead turtles’ nests buried deep in the dry sand. Several years ago, my family and I were privileged to witness a female loggerhead turtle slowly and purposefully digging out the nest with her flippers then depositing her precious eggs (100 or more!) as twilight approached. Personally, if I was this mother, I would have been horrified at all the onlookers! The process took several hours and just as the sun disappeared over the horizon, this enormous sea creature slowly returned to the ocean waters. A large group of thrilled vacationing beach paparazzi cheered and took pictures as if she was crawling on the red carpet. The turtle patrol volunteers of that island were quick to put up a protective barrier so the nest would not be disturbed. 

Growing up on the Atlantic coast, God’s awesome sea creatures have always been a part of my life. Beginning in my early childhood, I walked the beaches numerous times in search of the perfect sand dollar or conch shell. After marrying an in-lander with a coastal heart, my husband and I began fishing and exploring many of the abundant coastal creeks of South Carolina, marveling over God’s amazing creativity in the saltwater. You may be wondering why I titled this The Starfish Lady if I began with a turtle story. Like the guardians of the loggerhead turtles and their nest, for one short week, I became the rescuer of the starfish (sea stars) that washed ashore on the southern end of Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. No, I wasn’t part of a starfish patrol group, just a morning beach walker hopefully rescuing starfish that washed up and were in danger of dying from the open air. I laughed as I secretly named myself The Starfish Lady.

I am no expert on this marine invertebrate and have read that once a starfish washes ashore it will die within minutes, but I had hoped that the particular species found on this beach would be revived once it submerged in the water. I’ve also been told that if the tiny tentacles or tube feet on the bottom of its arms were moving, then the starfish is definitely alive. Each morning I found at least four starfish on wet sand with moving tentacles, so I would throw them back into the one place they would survive. 

Around day three of liberating these five-armed sea animals from certain death, I began thinking how there are some areas in my life like these starfish that could flourish again with a little revitalization. Since these gray starfish had five arms, I began to determine what the five most important aspects of my life are and how I could revive them. 

These were what I came up with: 

My relationship with Jesus Christ

My relationship with the most important people in my life (husband, adult son, and mother)

My purpose and/or calling in this life

My relationship with others 

My physical health

How about you? Would you be able to identify the five most significant “arms” that need some refreshing in your life? You don’t need to be walking on a beach to discover them, but you do need to get away from the noise and distractions of every day living. Ask God to show you what they are and once you’ve determined these five areas, write them down somewhere and pray about what God would have you do to refresh them. I suggest you begin with and concentrate on one so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Who knows? Being a Starfish Lady (or Man) could drastically change your life! 

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