This prayer is based on Revelation 1 and 2. I meant to post it on Jan. 1, 2017.

Lord, you are the one who reigns over all. You are the Alpha and Omega- who is, who was and who is to come, the Almighty.  You hold your church in your hand and you walk among us.  Lord, Jesus, help me never forsake you as my first love.  Help me be faithful even to the point of death and to remember those who are suffering for your name’s sake around the world. Lord, remind me to help those who are in need and pray for those who are persecuted.  Show me ways that I tolerate sin so I may confess and not do so any longer.  Lord, help me be alive in you, not just have that as a reputation. Forgive me for being lukewarm about my relationship with you.  Lord, give me your gold refined by fire, thank you I have the covering of sins by the shedding of your blood, and where I am blind, give me your salve to open my eyes.  Help me be earnest and repent when I sin.  Lord, forgive me for making little of you and much of the things of this world which is temporal and under Satan’s rule.


I want to be victorious and eat from the tree of life.

I want to be victorious and be saved from the hurt of the second death.

I want to be victorious and have your hidden manna and a white stone with a new name written on it.

I want to be victorious and be given authority over the nations and be given the morning star.

I want to be victorious, clothed in white with my name in the book of life – never to be blotted out.

I want to be victorious and my name acknowledged by Christ before the Father and his angels.

I want to be victorious and become a pillar in God’s temple inscribed with God’s name and the name of his city.

I want to be victorious with my new name written on me.

I want to be victorious and sit with you, Jesus, on the throne.

Lord, you are a loving, generous Father.  May I never forget your truths!

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