The warnings were issued about the dangers of Hurricane Irma.  The evacuations took place all over the state of Florida and even parts of Georgia and South Carolina. Businesses and homeowners boarded up windows and even stacked sand bags in strategic places to stop the flood from destroying their property.  The Weather Channel broadcasted twenty-four hours a day about this massive category 4 storm. Heeding the warnings even if a storm ultimately does not impact your area is wise.

As I watched the news videos of millions of people leaving the Sunshine state, I was struck by how many will heed the warnings from local and state governing officials, but not from the One who controls the very winds they are trying to escape. Hurricanes and other natural disasters can completely obliterate homes, towns and cities. I know from firsthand experience that what once stood can be gone in an instant.  On September 21, 1989 Hurricane Hugo totally destroyed our home in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Many people who survive these massive storms come home to piles of rubble and say, “It’s only stuff and at least we have our lives.”  While this is true for now, what about when the temporary house of our souls is destroyed or finally gives up its last breath? What will we say then?  Will you be able to say, “It’s only skin and bones but I have my new life forever with Jesus the Creator of all heaven and earth?” Or will you say, “I wish I had listened to those who warned me about my eternity?”

Hurricanes are terrible and disastrous and should not be taken lightly, but living in hell without Jesus and other believers is far more wretched.  Don’t wait til it’s too late to evacuate from the worst storm that will last forever.  Cry out to Jesus and He will bring you safely to your heavenly shelter.

One thought on “Horrible Hurricanes or Horrendous Hell

  1. Good word! Some Christians have received grief, because they have considered hurricanes as warning signs from God. It is His mercy that he sends messengers like you, calling all to heed the signs. Love you! Mark

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